The Caster is sold “as is” with no associated express or implied warranty of any kind except as follows: Adaptive Creations, LLC hereby provides a warranty of merchantability for 2 years from the date of shipment as to the reel motor and actuator as well as the mechanics and electrical systems. Warranty is limited to repair and replacement only and is void in the event product is tampered with or modified in any respect from its original condition.


Upon delivery of the Ken’s Power Caster, purchaser hereby represents and warrants, that it shall release Adaptive Creations, LLC and its suppliers and vendors, including but not limited to Donna Perry and Ken Dvorchak, from any existing or future claims, liability, and/or demands in connection with the Ken’s Power Caster, including, without limitation, claims in tort, contract, warranty (all of which are hereby disclaimed), common law, statute, or otherwise.