March 13, 2012 near Canyon, Texas - Kort Koehler shows off his latest catch…a really large Texas size Perch.

            “Hey Ken, my Ken’s Power Caster is AWESOME!!!  I caught my first fish in 17 years – since being paralyzed in’95.  THANKS Brutha!!!”

                                                Kort Koehler




January 28, 2012 – On his first time out with the caster, while fishing the North Fork Nahalum River near the Oregon coast, Konstantine Reutov was able to land both an 11lb and 8lb steelhead…

            “Ken’s Power Caster works really well for steelhead river fishing!  I especially like the way the Sip & Puff controls work for playing out the fish.  It took a while to land them…but it was a whole lot of fun.  Thanks Ken for the Ken’s Power Caster!!!”

                                                Kostya Reutov